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imageAnother school year ended, this one with more sadness than usual.  When I hugged my Advanced Placement Studio kids goodbye I began to cry.  At first just a little bit but then I was sobbing.  I don’t often feel as close to entire groups of kids as I did this group.  There were many reasons for it but this group will always be very special to me.

So with this ending my summer began on a bit of a sad note.  While discussing this with a very awesome friend he had a suggestion for me, “I have an idea for you,” he said.  “Something you can do with your family, your friends and your students…”  His idea was to visit a different gallery every day, on my own or with someone, and then post a little something about it.  The idea really excited me, so much that I was up all night thinking about it.

He was right about one thing: art is what I needed to fill my soul and art is what I would use to fill my summer with delight.  He was also right about including others.  I am, after all, an educator and by including people interested I would still be playing an important role in my profession. But I didn’t want to just view art I wanted to involve creation and discussion and blogging.  I wanted to keep the concept open so I changed his 90 Galleries in 90 Days to a Summer of Art.  Admittedly the 90 Galleries has a better ring to it but it was too restrictive.

I began my Summer on Sunday, June 15, 2014 by taking a train North to the Old Town Art Fair. I snapped photos of artwork to show as examples for lessons I’ll teach in the fall and found particular interest in an artist named Marjolyn van der Hart.  I looked more closely at her card, just now, and found that she lives in the same city as my friend who helped spawn this idea for my Summer Of Art.  Semiotic or coincidental it made me smile.

See her work here: