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Before humans understood the role of men in childbirth women were revered and held in awe for having this ability to bear children. They were viewed as powerful and were respected and worshipped for it. Women played important roles in their communities and were leaders of peaceful societies. As men realized their importance in reproduction children became owned by them and women slowly lost their influence and power. This is (short version) a feminist theory but it is true that Archaeological finds on the island of Crete imply that Minoan society was matriarchal. These are things I learned while in my Master of Art program at Northern Illinois University and this is why I had to include Crete in my Grecian holiday.

Crete became one of those far away places I knew I one day had to visit and this is how I wound up in the most beautiful town of Chania (Xania/Hania) on the island of Crete.

20140705-223425-81265828.jpg statues of female mourners – exclusive to Minoan Crete.

Wall hangings inferring worship of the female figure.

I was able to see some of these findings at the Archaeology Museum of Chania, Crete.

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