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Before going to Greece a friend asked me if I had heard how the government was turning to the extreme right and the nazis were taking over. This was not completely true but had he mentioned it I would have been made aware of the situation just by observing the street art. My favorite image was of a PAC man eating the Nazi swastika, unfortunately I was in a car when I saw it and unable to find it again on on foot.


Disappointed with the government after the recent economic crisis the party, Golden Dawn, has earned power from the citizens of Greece. They have earned votes with lies and impossible promises to solve the crisis told to the uneducated who are, in many cases, unaware of the party’s full history and beliefs. The symbol of the party is a new twist on the old swastika so their racism and history is cloaked.




Artists have long played an important role in educating the illiterate with the use if simple images and public art. I for one asked questions after seeing these simple street stencils so I’m sure I’m not the only one.