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At the beach today I took note of the turquoise waters and was reminded of a group of AP students I had the pleasure of working with a few years ago. This group was very skilled, funny, clever and  talented at the art of critique.  We had a running inside joke that if your piece had any issues or you felt you needed to add something the answer was always, “aqua.  Add some aqua.”  It was funny but it was also true.  Aqua is a magical color.



Have you ever known anyone that didn’t look good wearing the color aqua?  Have you ever met a person that didn’t like the color?  I was on a plane, once, seated next to a woman who read cards and was into people’s aura’s and all that.  You know the type.  She took note of my turquoise ring and earrings and said, “ahhhh…turquoise.  This stone is known to attract men when women wear it.”  Well guys, we have something in common.  Because I can’t walk away from turquoise jewelry when I see some.  

Do we love this color because it reminds us of waters that beckon our visits in far away lands?  Or is it just plain universally beautiful?  


All the postcards I painted have aqua in them, but my favorite is the one that is almost all aqua.