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I scheduled a meet up at the Art Institute with my most recently graduated AP Studio kids. Here’s what I learned about them as graduates:
1. It’s summertime, so only half the kids who say they will be there will actually show up.
2. The kids that do show up will be late, 15-60 mins late.
3. There will be no apologies for being late, just like in school. In fact, they will act as though you should be grateful that they are there at all.
4. They are there more for the experience of being downtown than they are for the artwork.
5. They will enjoy the gift shop more than the exhibit.
6. They will be very polite in the museum and behave appropriately.
7. They will stand to pose for only one selfie, then they are done and ready to catch the red line to china town for a bubble tea.

Overheard at the exhibit:
“This reminds me of Dalí for some reason.”
“It’s like… He’s making fun of art.”
“I could totally paint that one on the top left.”

We also observed that Magritte was way ahead of his time, fashion wise. He thought of barefoot shoes before they ever materialized, he envisioned the Brazilian wax and he painted wood grain tattoos on women (that one has yet to catch on but in sure we will see it in twenty years or so).