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There’s a two mile grassy strip that sits between McCormick Boulevard and the Northshore Channel about a 40 minute drive from downtown Chicago in Skokie, Illinois. Walk along it on an early morning and you can see some people rowing in the channel but at any time of day you can stroll, run or walk along the paved pathways. Speckled along the path are a number of fantastic sculptures for you to stop and admire.

I met my friend, Mandy, here on a Monday morning for a long and sunny walk. It was perfect for us because we go long lengths of time between catching up and the walk creates the perfect setting for that. If you are a teacher, like myself, you may consider the park a place to take students for a couple hours of sketching or inspiration for their own 3D piece.


Or maybe you just need a cool backdrop for some awesome selfies.
Skokie Sculpture Walk