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With Art Alliance, and alongside Lollapalooza 2014, Chicago, Shepard Fairey curated an art show at Block 37. It included works for sale by popular urban artists including Fairey himself, Dzine, D*face, RETNA, Space Invader and Keith Haring.
The works I enjoyed most were by Camille Rose Garcia. Her paintings are super shiny acrylics of fantasy images that vibrate with complementary colored lines placed next to each other.




Also impressive were political statement paintings created on flags by Andrew Schoultz.



Back in 1993 I was dating a guy who hung out with Dzine on occasion. I remember visiting the loft he then occupied with some other guys and thinking this whole graffiti scene was pretty cool. It was my introduction to the art form and I have come to be a huge fan of it ever since. These guys were artists who most often used spray paint. Now Dzine is creating installations and is appreciated as a fine artist around the world. It’s amazing to see the evolution of what at first was considered to be art of criminals and thugs by those who just didn’t understand turn into sought after collectibles.


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