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The North Woods, Wisconsin are often called “God’s Country” by people who live and visit there frequently. When marveling at the beauty of nature it is difficult to believe the earth is without a creator or higher being. While on a canoe with my nephew and sister in law I noticed how perfectly lilly pads were dispersed before the reeds and pussy willows projecting vertically from the water. As if Mother Nature intentionally scattered them exactly where they were the way a decorator sprinkles candies on cakes. The compositions that contain repetition and variety with round pads and zig zagging grasses are hard to look at without thinking they were placed there by a landscape architect.



And then there were the sunsets.

During a “girls weekend” with Dora and Vero we planned to only sit on the pier with glasses of wine our last night there, but the sunset was too lovely to have blocked partially by trees so we hopped on the boat one last time and rode toward it.

Laying in the sun I glanced through the trees to where the swamp is; the sun illuminating the distance and leaving the trees black silouettes.


Vero commented, “it’s like someone turned up the high contrast tenfold on the photo edit.”