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I got a message from Franco asking me for advice.

When Franco was my student he would tell me how his parents already had his future planned for him. They knew there would always be jobs in health care so that was what he would study. It didn’t matter that Franco was good at art and loved it. I see this sort of thing a lot. In most cases the child will follow their parents plan but at some point they will abandon it, having wasted a lot of time and money, and return to art. Or, they follow the plan and always wonder what they would have made of themselves had they followed their own dreams.
Franco is a good artist and a good communicator; I told him I thought he’d make a great teacher. Then he expressed interest in my #SummerOfArt14 project so I came up with a plan to meet in the gallery district and wander around. I posted the event on my page and my friend, Jean, joined us.

IMG_2412.JPGThere was a downpour of rain for an hour at our meeting time. Franco was an hour late (and Jean teased him about that throughout our walk) so Jean and I caught up while sipping coffee inside and sheltered from the rain.
We walked through many galleries but all agreed that nothing we saw was really very moving. I really liked a couple paintings we saw by Valery Koshlyakov. They seem like quick travel sketches recreated on enormous stretched canvas in washes of cream, white and gray.


IMG_2402.JPGHowever, what I enjoyed most was having the owner of Ann Nathan Gallery walk us around and tell us about what was being shown in her space. She really took interest in Franco and let him pick up one of the kinetic sculptures she had that was carved from one trunk of wood.

I was really inspired by this woman. She didn’t have to walk around with us, we don’t look like buyers and she wasn’t going to make a sale on us but it didn’t matter. She just wanted to share with us what she loves.